The Best Boat Trips Around the World

Do you like boat trips? Boat trips are amazing for the soul; they can create bonding with family and friends. Also, the sense of tranquility and peace with gently rocking on the waves that a boat trip provides is undeniable. This article discusses some of the best boat trips around the world.

Golden Gate Ferry, California, USA

San Francisco Bay is one of the best picturesque vistas on the West Coast; experiencing it by ferry is a perfect way for sightseeing in the beautiful north towns of the city’s peninsula. The trip begins at San Francisco Ferry Building three days a week. The ferry sells wine and beer. You could have a drink while enjoying the bay views and Golden Gate Bridge.

Venice Vaporetto, Venice, Italy

The trip will give you an eyeful view of a Vaporetto in Venice.

Like a water taxi, the boats give you an easy way to explore all the buildings and mansions overlooking the Grand Canal as well as the lagoon while helping you gain your bearings when first coming to the city. Even if it is expensive, everyone visiting Venice should at least have a Vaporetto once.

Halong Bay Cruise, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

Halong Bay, with its islands, is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is famous for the splendid views of the bay’s jade waters and the limestone pillars that rise from beneath the water level. You could take the tour from Hanoi, exploring the natural caves as well as floating villages by kayak.

Star Ferry, Hong Kong

Star Ferry, the most famous ferry ride in Asia, connects the islands of Hong Kong with the Kowloon Peninsula. The Ferry leaves the Central and Wan Chai areas and arrives at Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon. The trip is a fantastic way to admire Hong Kong’s skyline during the day and enjoy the city’s light display during the night.