Top Boat Fueling Tips

Fueling up your new boat for the first isn’t always a walk in the pack, and many boat owners sometimes get nervous as they are not sure how to go about it. However, for owners who have done it severally, they will attest to the fact that one needs to be cautious and follow the right procedure to minimize the chances of causing accidents or damaging the boat. Below are tips to consider when fueling up your boat.

Know the Boat’s Fuel Tank Size

It’s important for every boat owner to know the boat’s tank’s size and how much fuel is required to fill up the tank. If the fuel gauge is broken, read through the boat’s manual to get this information since it will save you time and help your wallet when fueling up.

Check the Weather

Its a challenge fueling the boat when the sea is rough because the boat will be in constant motion because of the water waves. If you do not require the fuel urgently or not in the middle of a trip and realize that the fuel levels are dropping, consider fueling the boat on a clear and calm day for the best fueling experience.

Shut the Boat Down

It’s common knowledge that when fueling any machine one should ensure that the engine is turned off. In addition to turning off the boat’s engine, all electronics should be switched off, and that flames and smoking materials such as cigarettes are extinguished.

Have Oil-Absorbent Sheets and Rags on the Boat

No matter how careful one is when fueling the boat, it’s possible to have oil and gasoline spilling. If you notice a spill of fuel in the water, try to soak it as quickly as possible.

Fueling up a boat can be a hectic process, but if you take some time and plan in advance, everything will run smoothly.

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