Taking The Kids On A Boat Trip

Many parents want to allow their children to enjoy as many different experiences as possible. One that may cause some concern is taking children on boat trips. However, this can be a very safe and extremely exciting adventure for the children when done properly.

Preparing The Children

Any type of boat trip with kids means making sure they are fully prepared and this starts with them learning the safety rules. Then having all of the proper safety equipment on hand in case of emergencies. Children must be taught that they must wear a life jacket and not put up a fuss about this.

First Things First

All children should be taught how to swim at an early age. This gives them added safety for any time they are around water for any reason.

Commercial Boat Trips

Some of the rules when boating with children may change if they are on a commercial boat trip like a cruise for example. In this case, they will not have to remain seated while on the ship. Nor will they be required to constantly wear a life jacket. However, the fundamentals of these should still be taught prior to the cruise in the event of an emergency that requires them.

Choosing The Right Boating Excursion

Not all children will adapt to a boating adventure. To determine how a child may adapt to this before booking a cruise some smaller adventures may be a good idea. Short boating trips that are still commercially operated may be a good starting point. Or even an introduction to being on the water in a small family boat may be a good starting point.

The age of the child is going to be one of the determining factors as to whether taking a child on a cruise would be a good idea. However, most of the cruise ships cater to the entire family. Which means they have something for everyone to keep them occupied during the entire trip.

Benefits of Boat Trips and Cruises

Vacations are one everyone’s fantasy, especially with the ups and downs of modern society and life expectations. If planning on your next vacation, boat trips can be one of the best options based on the numerous benefits associated with boat trips and cruises. Whether looking for excellent food, a tour of the world, and ways to increase your health, these are some of the benefits associated with boat trips.


Boat trips offer a chance to reflect on their personal lives. When manoeuvring through the waters, one has time to exercise their body and test their endurance. If you feel pain on the joints, you can also look up at what is osteoarthritis and find some signs, symptoms, and possible cure.

Family Bonding

Family bonding is one of the ingredients for a happy and healthy life. Holidays are right for every family member, which is a reason why you should consider spending some time with your family members on a boat trip. Bonding with your family does not only count on the time spend together watching TV or being close to each other while everyone is on their smartphones. Boat trips can be one of the best ways to ease family tension and improve interactions.

Connect With More People

Boat trips offer an opportunity for travellers to interact with people from other localities and regions. If going on a cruise vacation, you are sure of meeting people from different backgrounds and get a chance to network and get a better understanding of the outside world.

Easy to Plan and a Variety of Activities

Because most boat trips include transport and accommodation, its easy to plan for the trip, there is also a wide range of activities that can be included on the trip package which may include fishing, swimming, and snorkelling. Some cruise ships are even floating cities that offer a perfect destination for lovers.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Boat

Many people, especially those who love water trips and sports, would like to one day own a boat. Whether buying new or used, there are some things that one should consider when looking for a boat that will serve your purpose. The following are some of the tips to contemplate before buying a boat.


Before buying a boat, its important to consider what purpose you intend to use the boat for. Boats are classified according to their use such as fishing boats, houseboats, deck boats, and cruise boats, among others. Having a specific idea on how you intend to use your boat will help you choose the right one, depending on your preferences, as well as meeting its intended purpose.


Many buyers fail to take into consideration the time they intend to use the boat. If you will only be out on the water once in a while throughout several months, it’s necessary to consider the cost of renting rather than buying. If you intend to move the boat occasionally you can consider fitting your van with a rack from worksystem.co.uk which will help make moving the boat easier. Boat owners also incur costs associated with maintenance, and cleaning as well as insurance.


When buying a boat one should not only look at the initial cost of buying it, but also at other expenses which will be incurred while using the boat. Such costs include maintenance, gasoline, cleaning, and insurance, among others.


This comes down to if one intends to pay for the boat in cash or consider financing options. Many marine lenders offer different financing options depending on the type of boat one intends to buy. Before approaching the lender, consider if you can maintain the boat in the long term.

How to Prepare for Boat Trips

Boat trips are among the recreational activities that most people like indulging in. Among other activities, people love boat riding, and it is one of the best undertakings that your family can share. However, not every occasion is suitable for boat trips. The best time to enjoy your weekends on boat trips is towards the end of summer when the weather condition is favourable. Below are ways you can prepare for boat trips.


Safety is a key factor to consider before heading for a boat trip. Regardless of the distance of your voyage, you should ensure to carry items such as life jackets, first aid kits and a fire extinguisher. Plus, the boat seats should be in good condition and well-covered with Ikea company sofa covers to enhance their durability and your comfort.

Food and Water

Food and water are what most people forget to carry during boat trips. Taking a bottle of clean water cannot cost you much compared to suffering from a whole day of thirst and dehydration. Moreover, in case you have diet-related problems, you should carry packed food.


Selecting the best clothing and boat gear is crucial and must be done before the day of the trip. Observe the weather conditions. It will guide you on the ideal gear and outfits to carry on the trip. Additionally, confirm if they are in good condition; if not, find other alternatives as early as possible.


The Hurtigruten, which translates from Norwegian to ‘Express Route’, is sometimes known in English as the Norwegian Coastal Express, is a Norwegian cruise, ferry, and cargo operting company. The company was founded in 1893 to operate voyages along the west coast of Norway from Bergen up to Norway’s northern coast, stopping at Kirkenes. The Hurtigruten ships sail almost the entire length of the country, apart from the south coast, crossing into the artic circle approximately half-way through the cruise. The entire journey time for a return cruise is 11 days, although sometimes extended stops are made at certain places.

The trip is regularly touted as one of the most senic sea voyages in the world, as the cruise passes many fjords and during winter months it is common for passengers to be able to see the northern lights during the more northern parts of the cruise.

Despite being a relatively small cruise operator compared to a number of its competitors, the company alone makes up for approximately 2% of the worldwide cruise market, this had led to long waiting times for tickets to be available during some of the busier holidays seasons, particularly during winter with passengers are hoping to be able to see the northern lights.

Due to the ongoing sucess of the company, they have expanded into waters other than Norway and have begun to operate cruises in Greenland, Canada, Smouth America, Iceland, Svalbard, and Antartica, although it is not believed that these trips are as successful as the cruise along the Nowegian coast.

The company was established by the government in order to improve communications along Norway’s coast, with one of the more notable improvement being that mail from central Norway to Hammerfest which previously used to take five months in winter, could be delivered in just seven days.

Princess Cruises

US company Princess Cruises was established in 1965 and is headquartered in Santa Clarita, California. The company currently operates 17 ships which cruise across the world and targets both American and international passengers.

The company is typically best known for its role in The Love Boat TV series, in which one of the company’s ships, the Pacific Princess, was featured.

The company was founded when Stanley McDonald decided to charter the Canadian Pacific Limited’s Alaska cruise ship, the Princess Patricia, for use in cruises along the Mexican Riviera, departing from Los Angeles, at a time when the ship would usually not have been in use during the winter months. The first cruise was not necessarily a success, as the ship had not been designed for use in tropical climates and had no air-conditioning on board, which was not a problem when the ship was being used in colder northern climates. The ship was replaced by a purpose-built ship that was called Italia. The second cruise line the company operated was ultimately unsuccessful and led to the ship being return to Europe under charter to the Costa Cruise Line, although the company now outright own their own ships.

Planning for Several Days Boat Trip

Taking a few days off your regular duties is worthwhile. It becomes more exciting if you have something fun planned. Most people go for holidays in their favourite destinations, while others choose to stay indoors with their loved ones. Assuming you decide to enjoy your vacation on the water by taking a few days’ boat trip, you need to plan accordingly. This is regardless of whether you are making the trip alone or as a team. The following are some of the things you should consider before starting your journey to make it enjoyable.

Plan for the Your Trip

It is essential to plan for the trip before you set off. For instance, you should know your route, your destination, your activities, and where you will be sleeping, as well as where you will be eating. Also, make sure there is enough room to anchor in the places you will stop on the way and even at your destination. If you need to stop for refueling, plan accordingly to make sure the stations are within the range of your fuel tank mileage. It is always important to make reservations in the places you will spend your nights. This will avoid frustration at the last minute if the hotels are fully booked.

Stock Up on Essentials

It is important to make sure you have all the essentials before leaving for a boat trip. Although some of them might be available at your destination and along the way, it is always good to have them in your boat. The best way of ensuring you packed all essentials is by preparing a checklist and ticking items off as you pack. Some of the essentials you need are life jackets (enough for everybody onboard), safety kits with restocked items, a torch, and enough food and water. Also, carry enough warm clothes, Tamaris Shoes and raincoats, because weather changes are not very predictable.

Make Sure Your Boat is in Good Condition

Make sure your boat is in good condition for the trip. Start with a full fuel tank and carry extra fluid because they can help you on the way. It is also essential to bring a spare anchor just in case you lose one on the trip. Again, even if you have electronic gadgets to help you with directions, always carry a paper chart. Still, do not ignore anything strange in your boat. It could be an indication of a bigger problem. Lastly, make sure you double-check everything before you start your trip. Ensure the fluids and batteries are at the right level.

Have Fun

If you are done with your checklist and ready to leave, remember why you are going. Go out there and have fun.

Poseidon Expeditions

The Poseidon Expeditions company was founded in 1999 as a tour operator that specialised in expedition crurises to the Russian High Arctic and the North Pole. Although not intended as a passenger ships, due to the harsh climates that passengers would have to pass through, it is still technically counted as a cruise line. The company uses icebreakers and ice-strengthened ships to be able to break through the thick ice that surrounds the northern arctic circle. In order for a ship to be able to break through such thick ice it must be able to produce a substantial amount of power. It is for this reason that the ships are typically powered by nuclear engines, with the company specifically using the Russian icebreaker called 50 Years of Victory. The ship is equipped with helicopters and inflatable boats, allowing travelers to explore some of the wilder Arctic areas that would normally only be accessible via land expeditions. The ship also holds the record for being the largest ship in the world, in part because of the necessity of being large enough to hold a nuclear engine, as well as the specialist crew required ot maintain such an engine.

Boats For Fun and Boat trips

What Are the Different Types of Boats?

A boat is smaller than a ship, and refers to a smaller watercraft which has been constructed to allow the crew to navigate in inland waterways and near-shore areas including lakes and rivers. Historical records show that boats have been used to transport passengers since the pre-historic period. From dugouts (the oldest recorded type of boat), over a long period of time, the watercraft’s evolution has brought us today’s indulgent motor yachts.

Different Types of Boats

Generally speaking, boats can be classed under three main sections:

  • 1. Motorboats (which are powered by engines).
  • 2. Man-powered/unpowered boats such as kayaks, gondolas and rafts, gondolas, kayaks
  • 3. Sailboats (which are propelled by sails).

Below are details on some of the most popular ones. Naturally, whatever type of boat you use, safety should be your number one priority. To that end, it is essential to always have your mobile phone with you with the https://www.livi.co.uk app on, as can link you up to medical help], and you can get advice immediately. Better safe than sorry, is always a good motto to abide by!

Dinghy Boats

These refer to small inflatable boats, which are normally fabricated with rubber, and comprise rowlocks and cross thwarts which serve as oars and and seats, respectively. Dinghies which are usually powered by small outboard engines, oars and sails, are generally referred to as row boats, sailboats, or just inflatables. Such row boats make excellent companion boats for people on camping expeditions, and for those who enjoy fishing in water that is on the shallow side.

Deck Boats

This popular boat design which is normally 25 to 35 ft in length, is used for water sports, swimming and other recreational activities. It boasts an open deck area which offers a small group of users a lot of seating arrangements. The vessel comprises a wide beam V- shaped hull, and this means that it can fit more passengers onboard than a pontoon. This model of boat also features a stern power drive.

Cuddy Cabins Boats

This family-friendly style of boat, which is generally fabricated from aluminium and fibreglass, is like other boats which are fantastic for water sports, sailing, yachting and fishing. It comprises a closed deck over its bow, which provides easy navigation for the crew, as well as convenient storage space. The cuddy length starts at approximately 4.75 meters.

Cabin Cruiser Boats

This style of boat which is perfect for relaxed sailing, offers every essential modern comfort feature that you would expect to find in your own home, so that is a major plus. They are built with a berth and galley, and come with power generators, air conditioners and heaters. Moreover, as well as the hugely practical deep-V bottom, they also feature rudder steering, and a secured shaft drive mechanism. To that end, they are ideal for sailing on salty water.

P&O Cruises

The company P&O Cruises offers a number of cruise lines and is known around the world. The company is often regarded the the oldest cruise company in the world, so long as you take into account that the company has changed it’s offical status and name a number of times through history. The modern-day company was originally a constituent of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation company, which was the first company to offer any form of passenger cruises commercially.

P&O Cruises, as well as its predecessors, have designed a number of cruise lines throughout history and have spawned a number of competing companies each attempting to offer better services and entertainment than each other. P&O are known for developing their own cruise ships that are purpose-built to attempt to accomodate the wishes of any passenger who may choose to go on a cruise. The facilities on board modern cruise ships would likely once have been thought impossible, but thanks to modern construction techniques and materials, certain technological challenges have been able to be overcome, such as having swimming pools on-board ships.

The development and expansion of cruise ships has also spawned an entire industry and helped a number of individuals find reliable employment, with a number of entertainers preferring to work solely on-board cruise ships in a similar fashion to the way a band might choose to go on a tour, with one of the major advantages being job security as well as a known end-date for their work. Although many who do work on cruise ships do choose to extend their contracts and may even sign-up for working on multiple cruises throughout the year.