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What Are the Different Types of Boats?

A boat is smaller than a ship, and refers to a smaller watercraft which has been constructed to allow the crew to navigate in inland waterways and near-shore areas including lakes and rivers. Historical records show that boats have been used to transport passengers since the pre-historic period. From dugouts (the oldest recorded type of boat), over a long period of time, the watercraft’s evolution has brought us today’s indulgent motor yachts.

Different Types of Boats

Generally speaking, boats can be classed under three main sections:

  • 1. Motorboats (which are powered by engines).
  • 2. Man-powered/unpowered boats such as kayaks, gondolas and rafts, gondolas, kayaks
  • 3. Sailboats (which are propelled by sails).

Below are details on some of the most popular ones. Naturally, whatever type of boat you use, safety should be your number one priority. To that end, it is essential to always have your mobile phone with you with the app on, as can link you up to medical help], and you can get advice immediately. Better safe than sorry, is always a good motto to abide by!

Dinghy Boats

These refer to small inflatable boats, which are normally fabricated with rubber, and comprise rowlocks and cross thwarts which serve as oars and and seats, respectively. Dinghies which are usually powered by small outboard engines, oars and sails, are generally referred to as row boats, sailboats, or just inflatables. Such row boats make excellent companion boats for people on camping expeditions, and for those who enjoy fishing in water that is on the shallow side.

Deck Boats

This popular boat design which is normally 25 to 35 ft in length, is used for water sports, swimming and other recreational activities. It boasts an open deck area which offers a small group of users a lot of seating arrangements. The vessel comprises a wide beam V- shaped hull, and this means that it can fit more passengers onboard than a pontoon. This model of boat also features a stern power drive.

Cuddy Cabins Boats

This family-friendly style of boat, which is generally fabricated from aluminium and fibreglass, is like other boats which are fantastic for water sports, sailing, yachting and fishing. It comprises a closed deck over its bow, which provides easy navigation for the crew, as well as convenient storage space. The cuddy length starts at approximately 4.75 meters.

Cabin Cruiser Boats

This style of boat which is perfect for relaxed sailing, offers every essential modern comfort feature that you would expect to find in your own home, so that is a major plus. They are built with a berth and galley, and come with power generators, air conditioners and heaters. Moreover, as well as the hugely practical deep-V bottom, they also feature rudder steering, and a secured shaft drive mechanism. To that end, they are ideal for sailing on salty water.

P&O Cruises

The company P&O Cruises offers a number of cruise lines and is known around the world. The company is often regarded the the oldest cruise company in the world, so long as you take into account that the company has changed it’s offical status and name a number of times through history. The modern-day company was originally a constituent of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation company, which was the first company to offer any form of passenger cruises commercially.

P&O Cruises, as well as its predecessors, have designed a number of cruise lines throughout history and have spawned a number of competing companies each attempting to offer better services and entertainment than each other. P&O are known for developing their own cruise ships that are purpose-built to attempt to accomodate the wishes of any passenger who may choose to go on a cruise. The facilities on board modern cruise ships would likely once have been thought impossible, but thanks to modern construction techniques and materials, certain technological challenges have been able to be overcome, such as having swimming pools on-board ships.

The development and expansion of cruise ships has also spawned an entire industry and helped a number of individuals find reliable employment, with a number of entertainers preferring to work solely on-board cruise ships in a similar fashion to the way a band might choose to go on a tour, with one of the major advantages being job security as well as a known end-date for their work. Although many who do work on cruise ships do choose to extend their contracts and may even sign-up for working on multiple cruises throughout the year.

American Cruise Lines

US company American Cruise Lines was founded in 1991 and is a smaller cruise company that operates six ships along both the Eastern Seaboard and Western Seaboard, stretching all the way up to Alaska. The company also operates slong the Mississippi-Ohio and Columbia-Snake river systems in the United States.

The company’s first ship was a 49-passenger craft that was called the American Eagle. The ship was first launched in 2000 and due to the ship’s success the company followed-up by ordering another ship of the same size in 2002 called American Glory.

The popularity and commerial success of the company’s first two ships allowed them to expand their operations and invest more money in an even larger ship, the American Spirit, which was able to hold two as many passengers as the first ships could. The company have cinued to expand their operations, even going so far as to purchase and renovate a Paddlewheeler which entered service in 2016. The company have been able to contribute to the local economies of the ports that they visit and almost every cruise that the company operates has been given great reviews by passengers.